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Our history is a long one, and with you, our future is a bright one. 


The history of out-of-hospital birth, and of midwifery in Pennsylvania, is rich. The state is geographically, culturally and economically diverse. The midwives that serve the state are equally diverse.  PACPM was established by midwives seeking to advocate for the licensure of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) in Pennsylvania.  


We organize education and outreach events, lobby days, and work hard to develop strategic relationships in order to facilitate the organizational goals.  Local peer reviews and educational events and a commitment to ethical and professional interactions support and strengthen our membership. We are committed to a membership that adequately reflects the diverse fabric of our state, consumers and communities.


Will you join us? 


Since we are a chapter of NACPM, all members of our organization must also have an active membership with the national organization - NACPM.  To join, go to and follow the links to "Join NACPM". You can complete the membership application online or download a membership form to print, complete and send in by mail. In the section where it asks if you belong to a NACPM Chapter, be sure to indicate Pennsylvania as the Chapter you are part of. This way a portion of your dues will be shared with us!

NACPM makes reduced membership fees an option. Do not hesitate to choose this option if you have need. Please reach out via email if you are interested in joining but financially unable to do so.  

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